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The Evolution Creation Debate - Creation Versus Evolution

     The Evolution Creation Debate has been going on for some time now. For good information on the subject in order to help you balance the facts, you must search with open eyes. When discussing Evolution Versus Creation, are we to believe the Bible’s account of creation, or should we assume that big bang and evolution are the starting points for all that we see?

     We can listen to arguments on both sides of The Evolution Creation Debate that sound good and true to the supporters of each respective side of the debate. But are there better answers that have not yet been discussed? Are people on either side of the debate missing something bigger?

     For anyone alive today, The Evolution Creation Debate has been a large part of their lives, whether we choose to believe that or not. When in school, on TV, in articles, and in society in general we are exposed to a wide range of influences, and influencers, who promote one side or the other. In general, society at large appears to lean towards promoting evolution and big bang as the cause of all things seen; where it appears that Christians, on the other hand, are being forced into submission by science. How many students have we seen with strong Christian upbringing, go off to college and return with their beliefs completely crushed by science? The numbers are staggering!

     So then, why, if there is supposed to be a God, are people leaving their faith in droves? It's because they have nothing to base their information on. Just saying “the Bible told me so” is not a good enough answer, and thus, is why Christians cannot seem to advance their cause.

     Soon to be released are two books by Physics Theorist and Author Russ Lindemann that are bound to shake things up a bit on both sides of The Evolution Creation Debate. One book is called Bending The RulerTime Travel, The Speed Of Light, and Gravity. After having a sneak peek at this book it is clearly very eye opening. While laying down many great points, it also lays science and religion bare.

  Also, sneaking a peek at the second book called The Science of GodIntentional Design, Creation and EvolutionThe Debate. It’s not what you might think it is. This book balances much information with regard to the Bible, but if you think you going to get a load of six day creationism nonsense ,then guess again. This book is likely to offend most hardline creationists, but it also steps on a few toes of those who support big bang and evolution.

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     After reading both of these books you will be armed with much great information and thoughts answer your questions. Enter your email and we will notify you when and where you can order them.


Bending The Ruler - Time Travel, The Speed of Light, and Gravity

The Defeat of The Creation Evolution Debate

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